the passage of time

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'P' is for the passage of time. The passing of events, leisure, findings, realizations, aspects of myself and my attempt at capturing them.

About the Author:
I like to drink tea and listen to public radio, especially npr. I crochet, I love infographics and hate using oxford commas. I've also been characterized as a pizza fiend, and I'm okay with that. I enjoy making things from scratch, especially if it's vegan (or pizza).
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New Orleans bonfire — to keep the bugs away 🔥

This came out of my oven today 😁 garlic and rosemary bread #breadbaking

Grad school life, y’all.

Atlanta lantern parade on the beltline 🎐#atlbeltline

my neighborhood #cityinaforest

My backyard. #ATL #cityinaforest

Bywater adventures #telephonebooth #followyournola

bought a #bike! 🚲

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